In our fast paced, information driven, opinionated world, we need to ask ourselves a question.  “What are we trying to do?”  It is so easy to get caught up in the trite and trivial.  We find ourselves getting locked into conversations we don’t even really want to be a part of.  We get stirred up and think “I need to voice my opinion on this issue or that issue.”

It feels like that all of life is one big argument these days.  In order for us as leaders to gain influence, and add value, we’re going to have to take a step back, and ask, “What am I trying to do?”  The reason we need to ask this question is because of the question that proceeds from it, “If this is what I want to do, is my current attitude, strategy and action going to get me there?”

If we’re going to get beyond this pressure to please everyone, or fall into the current form of average and mediocrity, then we need to be clear about our objectives and our strategies.  So we ask the question.  “What am I trying to do?”

I don’t want to argue all the time.  I don’t want to feel like I am constantly trying to prove myself to others, as to whether or not I fit into their pet issue.  

I’ve noticed something about true leaders.  They are so focused on what they’re trying to do, they don’t have time for the trite and trivial.  They don’t have time for the storm of information swirling about our heads, and the thunderous opinion driven mob constantly striking like lightening.

They read on purpose, they listen with purpose, they act with intention they are not bandied about by current opinion.  So lets ask ourselves the question once again.  “What am I trying to do?”


Making a point, literally does only that.  Makes a point.  What is the purpose of making a point?  Is it to show that we’re right?  Is it to reveal our intelligence?  Is it to prove we have the better argument?  Is it because we feel competitive?  What does it accomplish?  Its hard to answer that question, right?  Think hard, what does it accomplish, really?  NOTHING.  It accomplishes nothing.  Making a point may impress for a moment, it may stop the conversation, it may even have you “dropping the mic”  but in terms of actually accomplishing something, moving the ball down the field, achieving a goal, bringing a solution, changing the world, or making a difference it does nothing.

Making a difference, literally changes things.  It is intentional.  I know what I am trying to do, and I put together the strategy to do it, I engage others to help me, and I take the step of action to reap the results, and at the end of the day, whether I accomplish it all or not, isn’t the point, one thing is for sure, I will have made a difference.  On some level and for someone, I will have made a difference.

So, to our leaders, our politicians, on every side of the aisle.  On every side of every issue.  We’ve heard you make your points, but are you making a difference?  We’ve heard you pontificate and preach your point, but we are waiting to see you move the ball down the field.

Leaders, we can have good ideas all day, but the rubber meets the road, when we stop trying to make a point, and make a difference.

Lets shut down the constant opining, and vitriolic point making, and bring solutions to the table and make a difference.

So, What do you want to do?