The Champions Attitude

The Attitude of a Champion

One thing that is clear about Champions, (people who win in life) is they think different than those who aren’t.  Just so we are clear, winning in life is not about who is the most famous, or who has the most money, or who has the most awards.  When I say champion or “win in life” I mean a person who has a dream and does the hard work of knowing where they are. Determine where they want to be and what it is going to take to get from here to there. Then  takes steps every day to make that happen.  That is a champion.  Its very clear that they think different than most everyone else.  Especially in these four ways.

The 4 mindsets of a champion

 1.  Champions Believe in their Purpose, Even when others don’t

Walt Disney had a dream.  He knew his purpose and what he wanted to achieve, one of the most imaginative people in our history.  My favorite story about Disney is that when the Disney world complex in florida was opened they held a press conference.  By this time Walt had already died.  His wife gave the speech that day.  At the end, a journalist came up to her and said, it would have been great if walt could have been here to see this.  She looked at him and said,


“Sir, if Walt hadn’t seen this we wouldn’t be here to do this.”  

However Walt lost his first job as an animator.  He was fired because he “lacked imagination”  His boss did not believe in him, but that didn’t dissuade Disney in the least.  He didn’t need anyone else to believe.  He believed and that’s what mattered and that is what resulted in all the Disney magic we see today.


2.  Champions Transform a negative into a positive.

An essential Skill of a champion:  To turn negatives into positives.  It’s as if they have an innate ability to understand that negatives are temporary and if we respond correctly we can make them positive.  It is not natural to think that, it is a choice.  The question is what Choices are we making?


“Taking something from the negative column and placing it in the positive column is all about perspective.  How do you see it?”

“Are People’s negative opinions:  Holding you back, or launching you forward?  Its your choice.” 

“Your last failure Is either the seal on your defeat, or the education you need to move forward to the next level?”  Your choice. 

3.  Champions Play to Win

There are two ways to play this game called life.  You can Play not to lose, or you can play to win.  You would think that these two things would get you to the same result, but its not likely.  One almost always ends in victory, and one almost always ends in defeat.

Here are some attitudes of Playing not to lose

1. Just being happy to be in the game.  Just being happy to get a chance is not Playing to win, its playing not to lose.  There is no confidence in this approach.  It is a feeling of  false humility.  This says, at best I hope to win sometimes but I’m happy just to be a part.

2.  Playing to maintain the status quo is not playing to win. This is a trap that people pleasing sets for you.  Just maintain, don’t do more than necessary, just go along to get along.  This may make you feel like your life is easy and uneventful, and there isn’t a lot of failure or successes.  This is not the presence of peace, but rather the absence of purpose.  You weren’t built for status quo, or mideicraty.  We were built for purpose.  We were born to win.

3.  Playing it safe is not playing to win.  All this is, is FEAR.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of loss.  Fear of failure.  Playing it safe will not cause you to win, but keep you from it.  Safety is the goal, Significance is.  Most significant things happen outside our comfort zone.  Outside the place of safety.  We must face our fear.

How do we play to win? 

1.  Be aggressive

GO FOR IT!  Decide you are going to win, then do everything in your power to win.

2.   Be courageous

    • Playing to win takes courage.  Far more courage than playing not to lose.  No matter what people think, or how it looks just be brave and go for it.

3.   Be a risk taker and expect it to work.

    • Very few things are won without some type of risk.  Tell yourself this, if you’re not willing to risk something you’re also not willing to win.  You can rarely have one without the other.

4.  Champions Train, Losers Complain

Losing doesn’t just happen:  As humans we, at times have a mentality that some people are born winners and some people are born losers.  This is just not true.  Everyone of us are born with the ability to do either.

Yes some are born into less fortunate circumstances, but whether we win or lose depends on how we respond to those circumstances.

“Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond to it”

– Charles Swindall.


  1. Complaining and blaming others doesn’t help anything, but it does make you a miserable person.

  1. Complaining about things you are unwilling to change is a form of hypocrisy

  1. Complaining is a complete waste of ones energy, I find that those who complain the most accomplish the least.

  1.  Spending today, complaining about yesterday, won’t make tomorrow any better.


Complaining and the attitude that comes with it literally holds us down from victory in our lives.  Complaints Lock you in to limitations.

How do I stop it?  One word:  GRATITUDE, have a thankful heart, and an appreciative tone in your life.  You can be a Champion but it has everything to do with attitude.

Decide today, that you are going to think like a champion, use your time like a champion, focus like a champion, believe like a champion, and have the attitude of a champion.

So choose the life of a champion today by choosing to change the way you think.  Think winning thoughts, have a winning attitude and choose to play to win.