Are You Tired of the HYPE?

Anymore it is the norm to hear a business pitch that goes something like this.  Have you ever wanted financial independence?  Are you tired of your JOB?  Do you want to live like you see other people living?  Do you have
an extra 10 hours a week?  I have an opportunity for you!  If you hate your job, have passion about making money, and want to be your own boss.  You can do this.  You can be a multi millionaire.  You can do this on 8-10 hrs a week, and this product almost sells itself.  Do you have friends, that you love and want to help make them rich, and create for them and yourself the lifestyle you have always wanted.


TIME OUT!  This sounds so good.  All you have to do is hate work, want a vacation, have some friends and a little extra time and you’re set. It doesn’t matter what this business is, what the product is, or who is leading it, if this is the philosophy then you should run from it immediately because it is a con job to sucker you in and make you someone elses workhorse while they continue to tell you, its coming, its coming, just hang in there its coming.  I have seen so many people buy into these over hyped “Business” opportunities and as the people at the top continue to grow income and make money, the people at the bottom are being held at bay and told, how they would be making more money if they just did more of this and more of that, and when they ask questions about it “taking more time than you said”, well their told, if you are working it right it wouldn’t.


There is a problem with all of this.  IT IS A LIE.  A lie on every level.  There is no truth in it from start to finish.

I know we all want to believe that there is this magic short cut out there that will cause us to not have to work while at the same time becoming a millionaire.  Ask yourself however, if that were the case what value would there be in it?


“Most people have uphill hope, but downhill habits.” -John Maxwell


Everything worth achieving, or life worth living is uphill, and you can’t get up hill with a downhill philosophy.  The thing that I have always found amusing about hype it this.  If we spent the time, energy, money, and investment in a legitimate business or entrepreneurial effort, that is spent on hype we could have a successful business.  That could, if done right lead to financial independence, but more importantly, lead to purpose and satisfaction.

The question is WHAT DO YOU WANT?

If you want to have your own business you need an idea, a plan, a circle of counselors, a strategy, and a lot of energy and self confidence.

You can do it, you can achieve it, you can make it count!  However its not easy, it doesn’t just happen, it will take a lot more time than 8-10 hours a week, and  you will invest more, do more, sacrifice more, have to grow more than you think you will.

Things that have worth, have a personal price tag, and its not cheap, because where would the value be in that?  If you want to achieve something that is of worth, that has high value,  you have to pay for it.

So I encourage you, find your dream, build a strategy, get some counsel, prepare for the sacrifice, invest in yourself, count the cost, put your plan together, get your team on board and go for it!  You can do it.  Do what is in you, do what stirs your passion.

Chase after the purpose not the product, and it will be highly valuable, and you will fail.  More than once, but, you will learn, and you will try again, and again and again, until you have perfected your purpose and are producing your protenatial and offering something of value.

SHUT OUT THE HYPE!  And get busy building those up hill habits, so you can, achieve that uphill dream.